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Tulsidas Upvan

Outdoor Projection Mapping Show & Indoor Museum on Tulsi Das

tulsi das - ramayan2-01.jpg

In Kanpur, the first Ramayana theme park has opened with a heartwarming concept. Four enormous screens are set up in the indoor hall of the theme park to display the complete fifteen-minute narrative, from Shri Ram's birth to his exile. The MT team came up with an idea that shows Chitrakoot and Ayodhya while telling Lord Ram's life story, keeping in mind every aspect of Shri Ram's life.

Script Writer : Aman Arora
Executive Producer : Arunimaa Shanker Deb
Voice Over (Hindi) : Harish Bhimani, Poonam Srivastav & Surjan Singh
Creatives : Magical Theatre

tulsi das - ramayan-01.jpg
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