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Ramalingeshwar Park, Odisha

3D projection Mapping on Shiva Sculpture with Musical Fountains


Brahmapur  is famous for the silk sarees, Brahmapur pata and is nicknamed on that as "The Silk City", Ramalingeshwar Park is another reason adding to its fame The 35-foot-high mesmerising Shiva statue in the centre of the pond in Ramalingeshwar Park which creates a sense of calm. The inspiration for the project is the slokas defining the presence of Shri Ramalingeshwar all over, which can be felt deep in the subconscious mind. The closer the voice touched us, the more we got the energy from the divine itself. The energy flowed through the workforce, which can be seen and believed, and that’s what we intended to do with the Ramalingeshwar Park project. We got an opportunity and have worked on the project of Ramalingeshwar Park enthusiastically to create the eternal connect. We are happy and proud to share that the show did splendidly well. The concept of sculpture mapping was so captivating and engaging, the aura created spoke for itself. The musical fountains with beautiful lighting added to the whole idea of the show. It gives goosebumps to all every time the show is played there. The Ramalingeshwar Park is a gift to the city from the Odisha government, and we are happy to be a part of it to beautify it for the residents. There are many people behind the success of the show and we extend our gratitude to them; Mr. Aman Arora—concept, script & creative director; Ms. Arunimaa—executive producer; Mr. Vipin Pathak—technical head; Mr. Jitendra Jamwal—vocalist; Mr. Jeetram Bhatt—Sanskrit Research; Mr. Amit Killam—Music Director (Indian Ocean Band); Mr. Nitin & Ms. Loveleen—Art Direction; and the whole content team who helped us at every step of our journey in making this project a success. Our creative clan is always eager to bring such wonders to the world.

Video Link :

Ramalingeshwar Park-01.png

Creative Direction & Script Writing : Aman Arora
Executive Producer : Arunimaa Shanker Deb
Voice Over (Hindi) : Jitendra Ramprakash
Music Director : Indian Ocean
Vocals : Jitender Singh Jamwal
Creatives : Magical Theatre 

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