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Ram Van Gaman Paryatan Paripath, Chattisgarh 

India's First Live Event After Panadmic


After a long period of suffering from the pandemic, the show in Chattisgarh came to the rescue. The most awaited celebration was the occasion of Ram Navmi at Shivrinarayan. It is believed that Lord Rama spent a lot of time in exile in Dandakaranya, which is today's Chhattisgarh. This place has a special corner for the devotees and to honour the faith of the people, we presented India’s First Live Event after the Pandemic-Ram Van Gaman Paryatan Paripath, an inhale of the devotion of Lord Ram on the occasion of Ram Navmi. People were seen relieved with the spiritual aura created by the beautiful presentation of Shri Ram Janm to his exile. The show came out as a success and justified the occasion as expected.

Video Link :


Agency : Springbox Films Pvt. Ltd.
Creative Direction : Aman Arora
Voice Over (Hindi) : Sharad Khelkar
Music Arranged & Composed : Anindo Bose
Vocals : Ujwal Nagar
Creatives : Magical Theatre

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