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Meera Bai, Rajasthan

First Time Ever Rajasthan Government has Taken Initiative to Portray Story of Saint Meera Bai Through Son-Et-Lumiere


The poetry of Meera Bai has been a landmark of the Bhakti Movement Period. It is widely acknowledged that Meera dedicated her life to Lord Krishna, composing songs of devotion. The site of Meera Bai Smarak, Merta City, Nagaur, Rajasthan, has been a beautiful place to portray the stories of Saint Meera Bai’s devotion. We chose classical music incorporated with the light show, and as planned, it came out with a soulful traditional feel. With the light and sound show, we have explored every architectural beauty to add the sentiments of the place to the vision of the story line. We are happy to render what was expected from us by the Rajasthan Government and are thankful to the team for doing justice to the project.

Video Link :

meera bai.png

Script Writer : Aman Arora & Rintu Thomas
Voice Over (Hindi) : Divya Dutta
Music Arranged & Composed : Kajal Ghosh
Vocals : Ashwini Subbrao Deshpande
Creative Director : Aman Arora
Executive Producer : Arunimaa Shanker Deb
Sound Designer : Pratik Biswas & Gangotri Prattik Biswas
Technical Support & Integration :Vipin Pathak & Yogesh Yadav 

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