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India International Science Festival

Goa, India


Science is an integral part of our lives and for the overall growth of the country. It is indeed important to be a part of the vision of the country to be ahead in the race of the development. IISF has a vision to  Engage common people with science to achieve the healthy, prosperous and meaningful life. IISF gives a platform to have opportunities to people and scientific fraternity in the country and abroad to come together, work together and experience the joy of doing science for the wellbeing of the country. We are happy to be a part of this awareness exercise at India International Science Festival – 2021, Goa through multimedia show using LED mapping and live performances.

Creative Direction : Aman Arora
Executive Producer : Arunimaa Shanker Deb
Script Writer : Shankhajeet De
Voice Over (Hindi  & English) : Jitendra Ramprakash
Music Arranged & Composed : Anindo Bose
Vocals : Pavitra
Odissi Dancer : Aparupa Patnaik
Technical Support : Vipin Pathak
Creatives : Magical Theatre

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