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Dakshineshwar Temple, Kolkata

Architectural Projection Mapping Sound & Light Show


The Dakshineshvar Temple is a special project because of its spiritual value to the city of Kolkata. The motive behind our content was to make people aware of the stories behind the foundation and development of the premises. The place has a historical background which we have showcased through architectural projection mapping, sound and light show on the beautiful façade of the temple. Here we have taken the tales of the great personalities who are behind the vision and thought of the place. Kolkata itself has a notable significance in India’s history and freedom struggle. We have tried to hold all the important corners of the city and showcased them as a show. We are grateful to our wonderful team. A great show came out with the collective efforts of such a great team.

Video Link :


Creative Director : Aman Arora
Executive Producer : Arunimaa Shankar Deb
Script : Pratik Biswas & Aman Arora
Narration : Debshanker Haldar
Music : Kajal Ghosh
Sound Designing : Pratik Biswas
Site Integration & Support : Vipin Pathak
Content Design : Magical Theatre

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